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The Brew 22 Coffee Story

Brew 22 Coffee was founded in Seaside, Oregon with its doors opening to the community on January 27, 2017.

The vision of Brew is to serve our community a high quality product while maintaining a speedy service. We understand the drive-thru business and know that Brew isn’t our customers final destination. With that in mind, we will always continue to be one of the fastest drive-thru coffee shops there is without ever decreasing the quality of our product.

Brew 22 Coffee was built off of a dream and vision by founder Jeff Dunn. From the location, to the look and feel of the coffee shop itself. In doing so, he wanted to create a business designed to help community relations and donate back to the county it resides.

We source only the highest quality products and take diligent time in training our staff to be knowledgeable of what we serve and how to do so in a manner that is considerate of our customers time.

 The vision for Brew 22 Coffee is only just beginning. We want to continue to grow within other cities while bringing that “community first” mentality. Brew 22 Coffee is a family and we consider all of our customers a part of that family. Come see for yourself that we are serving more than a cup of coffee, but an experience.



Our Mantra

Be the best version of yourself. Bring the best attitude, best work ethic, and your best smile. Be the best you. Leave the noise of the outside world, outside. 

Let this always be a place of positivity and great vibes. We are constantly given the opportunity to love on people everyday.

As humans we follow a simple equation. We require the feeling to be needed, seen, and loved. That's something we can offer everyday through the window.  And there's no better feeling than making someone feel appreciated and loved.

Better yet, It comes at no cost. Make this day and everyday dedicated to that simple equation. Continue to be the bright spot and moment in peoples day.

Have fun, dance, and sing. Most important, don't forget to have passion and love for one another.